Black Friday shopping

Hey everybody, hope you are doing well. I am doing great, mostly because I am posting again on my clothing and shoes blog. Did you guys know that it was Black Friday recently? For those of you outside North America, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving when stores have insane deals that sometime have grimly results. I managed to walk away unscathed, mostly because I did the majority of my shopping online. If you do go shopping in real life though, you should head to Target for their sales. I have never seen a  Target go crazy on Black Friday. I got some really amazing deals, including a couple sexy pairs of heels as well as some  stockings (Grandma won't know what to say at Christmas). I love Black Friday sales.

The second best thing about Black Friday shopping is the after Black Friday deals. This is when the stores sell everything they ordered to much of for a loss, making for some even sweeter deals. Unfortunately they als sell all the Thanksgiving food that didn't sell for a loss as well, meaning that you usually can’t fit into the new clothes for very long. And if you're like me you still have a huge haul of Halloween candy in the back of your closet to have when you try something on, so your already being sneaky. This is why I bought the heels for grandma, I have no self control when it comes to the post holiday binging, be it clothing or food. The clothes however will fit soon hopefully, although by then Christmas will be here and then I will be buying Christmas clothes and eating more food. That’s why I am never alone on the holidays, I always have my clothes. See you guys next week, happy clothes shopping.

 Black Friday Sales