Stylish Wedding Accessories For The Groom

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Stylish Wedding Accessories For The Groom

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my clothing, shoes and accessories wedding blog. I hope you all had a great week so far.
When it comes down to weddings, it is mostly about the bride. Her outfit, her hair, her wedding dress as well as matching accessories and her shoes. But today it is all about the groom! After choosing a beautiful and stylish wedding suit, which he should feel comfortable in, it is time for some fancy accessories to enhance the outfit. Besides classic shoes and bold hats, there are still a few other items a groom can use to add a nice, individual touch to his appearance. Read more

Have fun with Clothes

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Hello my loyal followers, welcome back to my clothing, shoes and accessories blog. If you are anything like me, then clothes make your very happy. Sometimes if I am feeling down, I like to throw all of my clothes onto the bed and just lie on them, maybe roll around a little bit. I have been having a pretty stressful couple of months lately, and fun clothes are one of the things that has helped me loosen up. Here are some of my tips on using some fun clothes to get your out of that funk.  Read more

Worst Fashion Trends of the 2000’s

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Hello guys and gals, welcome to my clothing and shoes and accessories blog. I got a reminder on Facebook the other day that showed me a picture of me and some friends back in 2008 and boy, we looked silly. My friends all had that tattoo necklace thing on their necks, and we all wore awkward reference shirts that none of us understood. The 2000’s were a period of good movies, bad choices and even worse clothing so let's take a look at some of the worst fashion trends on the 2000’s.  Read more

The Perfect Steampunk Outfit

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The Perfect Steampunk Outfit

Hello, and welcome; to the world of tomorrow! Just kidding, welcome to my clothing and accessories blog. Is anyone planning on attending any Cons this summer? I am going to be attending SteamCon when it comes near me. For this I am going to need a killer Steampunk outfit which means that I am way too late to start planning! But, I am planning it now so oh well. I think I have a pretty good idea, good enough that I am going to share it with all you lovely people. Any regular readers will know how frugal I am thanks to my Black Friday post. This translates to me buying all the pieces to my outfit from which I think if you are smart, you will do the same. Let's start this off with the top, shall we? Read more


Oxfords or Loafers?

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Oxfords or Loafers?

Hello everyone, welcome back to my clothing shoes and accessories blog.  Recently I was invited to a wedding, And after picking out my outfit I ran into the issue of not knowing what type of shoes to wear.  Normally at these events I find myself wearing either oxfords,  but my girlfriend thought that I should be wearing loafers for this wedding and I decided to look into what would be more appropriate for my outfit, or for any outfit. Read more

Choosing a wedding dress

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to my clothes, shoes and accessories blog; Beautiful Wedding Info. Today we`re going to be looking at wedding dresses, and where to buy cheaper alternatives. If you have your dress and require shoes, please check out my blogpost on wedding shoes, and what mistakes to avoid. Read more


faux fur

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Hi everyone, how are we all?  I’m finally over the flu, which I seem to have had for the past 3 weeks. It’s amazing finally being able to smell again! Read more

Think outside of the flower basket.

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Hi everyone, Welcome back to my wedding fashion apparel blog.   Read more

China clothing export

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China clothing export Read more

Wedding shoe mistakes every Bride-to-be should avoid.

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Hey beautiful people.  Its Tiffany back on beautiful wedding info, with more great blog posts about clothes, fashion, shoes and more.  Today on my blog I wanted to delve even deeper than usual about some great fashion ideas, and inspiration for upcoming weddings. Read more


Coldgear and Heatgear

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Hey people, hope you are all well. With the holidays soon approaching, I thought my blog about clothes, shoes, and accessories needed something talking about clothes for the cold season. I played a lot of sports when I was younger, and still have a large collection of Under Armour and Nike shirts from then. As I played all year round, there are two types of shirts-coldgear and heatgear. This stuff has been a lifesaver in my adult life as no other clothing can stand the temperature that these pieces do, and nothing allows you to do what you need to do still as much as this. But the pieces themselves can be confusing to buy sometimes, and the employees at the store usually know little about it. That is why I thought that I would spend this week's post talking about the difference between coldgear and heatgear and which one you should stock up on this winter season. Read more

Black Friday Shopping

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Black Friday shopping Read more


Intro to my Clothing blog

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Hello beautiful people, and welcome! My name is Tiffany, and I am so happy that you decided to look at my clothing blog! As you can tell from the adress, I love everything wedding be it the shoes, the clothes, the accesories, the outfits, or the scrumptious cakes. That is why I decided to take all my bottled up love and skill for the wedding life onto the web and start this blog! After helping my sister-in-law plan her wedding I found that I have a knack for knowing the perfect outfits everyone should be wearing at a wedding depending on hundreds of independent variables. That's why I am here to bring my skills to you! Read more